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New clues to the decline of bees and other pollinators.

Read this interesting article on why other pollinators, as well as bees are in decline.

WBKA at the RHS Spring Festival, Malvern.

Spring, heralding the onset of warmer weather and renewed vigour in our gardens, fields and hedgerows. Set against the magnificent Malvern Hills, The Royal Horticultural Society's spring festival was packed with flowers, food, crafts and family fun! Worcestershire beekeepers were once again represented, with Worcester's beekeepers called upon to present the County Association's display and honey-sale offering. And what a spectacle! After so many hours' work, our volunteers opened the themed display "Beekeeping Through the Ages".

Visitors were drawn in by so many items of interest, including a wall back-board depicting images of ancient and modern beekeeping, informative posters, items of historic interest, archived journals dating into the 1800s, 'count-the-flowers' Beespoon honey dispenser and of course, a display of live bees, queen bee holding court, resplendent in ruby-red adornment!

Grateful thanks go out to The British Beekeepers' Association, Beekeeping History Trust, The Hive Worcester, "Telling the Bees" and the Beespoon Project, 'Forever Bee' and to the many local beekeepers and supporters who have given so much of their time.





Worcester Gheluvelt Show 2018

Despite the poor turnaround in the weather, we were kept on our toes at Worcester's annual Gheluvelt show.  The Worcester Show celebrates creativity and green-fingered skills of local people, alongside a raft of entertainment and activities for the whole family to enjoy.  We were once agian represented by our volunteer display team, turning out to provide a wealth of information for the many visitors.

We are proud to report that, even though we had not planned to enter the display for judging, we were awarded a 'Gold' certificate.  The judges' comments reflect the time and effort put in by our volunteers

"An excellent, informative display....  all giving a 'Wow' factor and attracting the visitors.... Overall an excellent exhibit - the best in this year's Worcester Show.  Very well done."


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