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Before attending any event, please check for up to date information.
Anyone who would like to host a meeting please contact me. In addition to the training sessions listed, there will be a series of complementary presentations by our Seasonal Bee Inspector and others – dates to be confirmed. We will also offer additional training sessions for BBKA Basic and others as of last year. If you have any ideas or suggestions for events then please let Vicky know.
Various Dates – Regular Training Apiary Meetings Throughout Summer Months

Our training offering will be made available to WBKA members again this year.  We aim to meet on a regular basis to allow all of our beekeepers access to the hives at our training apiary.  New and not-so-new beekeepers will be able to develop experience and skills throughout the course of our meetings and the more formal BBKA examinations and assessments system.  We encourage all of our beekeepers to work towards the BBKA Basic Proficiency Certificate, through a series of sessions delivered around the themes of ‘fun’ and ‘practicality’!

Special focus this year on swarms and swarm prevention, ‘shook swarming’ and Bailey comb change, queen rearing and the BBKA Module 1 examination in November.

BBKA 'Basic' Assessment Preparatory Sessions
See Home page headliner for detail.

The British Beekeepers’ Association ‘Basic’ Proficiency Assessment takes the form of a practical exercise at a suitable apiary, where an Assessor approved by the BBKA will oversee a hive inspection conducted by the candidate. The ‘Basic’ is a pre-requisite qualification for all other BBKA modules, examinations and assessments.

Candidates being nominated for the formal assessment will have managed at least one colony of bees over a twelve-month period. During a demonstration of proficiency in the essential elements of beekeeping (for example, recognition of queen, drone, worker, pollen, nectar, honey, propolis, etc.), candidates will be able to describe the characteristics of normal colony activity and signs and symptoms of disease, together with a description of a means of swarm control. Full details of the syllabus and expectations can be downloaded from the BBKA website.

Our own preparatory sessions will be offered mid-season. The emphasis is on the practical, involving weekend and evening sessions at various members’ apiaries. Coaching will be provided by Worcester beekeepers, each having undergone one or more of the BBKA assessments and examinations – the benefit of many hive-years’ experience. While the emphasis will be on building on experience and knowledge to satisfy the requirements of the syllabus, there is a focus on fun! Good for beekeepers, good for bees!

Full details of our next sessions will be published on the Home page.

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Victoria Jones 07815649590 or click here to email Victoria

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