Worcester Beekeepers

Bees will be Bees!

Check out our Bee Blog for the latest info, or click below for detail of our plans for this, and next year.

Training Courses

Suspended for the foreseeable future.
Our training programme is on hold, whie we anticipate a return to 'near normal'. Apologies to all. While our bees continue to work tirelessly throughout this pandemic, we can look forward to working with them again in 2021. Watch this space!
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Webinars for beekeepers

BIBBA webinars given by Roger Patterson.

COVID-19 and beekeeping advice

Please visit and read the advice given to beekeepers from the NBU

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Is it a bee?

Below is a bee identification guide, to help identify honeybees, bumblebees, wasps/hornets and hoverflies. Please click guide to enlarge.

Hive inspection record

This form will help you to keep accurate records of your hive.

Bee ID guide

A short guide to identifying honeybees, bumblebees, wasps/hornets and hoverflies.

Membership form

Become a member. Complete this form for year commencing 1st November 2019/2020.

Sting Information

It is inevitable as a beekeeper or just being around bees that you will at sometime or another get stung!

Branch equipment

Please call Vicky Jones on 01905 423246 to check availability or to reserve equipment.


Glossary of bee keeping terms for reference.