Worcester Beekeepers

Bees will be Bees!

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Training Courses

Looking forward to 2021...
Our on-line 'Beginners' Course is nearing completion1. Five sessions covering the eseentials of beekeeping for beginners. We can now look forward to socially-distanced apiary workings! We will once again offer practical sessions for beekeepers wishing to take the BBKA 'Basic'. The emphasis is on 'fun' and better beekeeping - essential skills and knowledge needed for this valuable qualification. Watch this space.
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Webinars for beekeepers

BIBBA webinars given by Roger Patterson.

COVID-19 and beekeeping advice

Please visit and read the advice given to beekeepers from the NBU

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Vicky Jones – Secretary

01905 423 246

Richard Neary – Chairman

07801 278 139

Roy Round – Training Coordinator

Erika White – Programme secretary

07904 938 838

Tristram Elmhirst – Treasurer

07817 243 205

John Summers – Vice chairman / Web master / Librarian

01905 453 954

Bee Library

If you wish to loan or donate a book please contact John Summers

01905 453 954

Hive inspection record

This form will help you to keep accurate records of your hive.

Bee ID guide

A short guide to identifying honeybees, bumblebees, wasps/hornets and hoverflies.

Membership form

Become a member. Complete this form for year commencing 1st November 2020/2021.

Sting Information

It is inevitable as a beekeeper or just being around bees that you will at sometime or another get stung!

Branch equipment

Please call Vicky Jones on 01905 423246 to check availability or to reserve equipment.


Glossary of bee keeping terms for reference.