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Saturday 13th July 10 a.m.
Apiary meeting - Seasoned beekeepers and guests welcome!
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Wishing all our members a successful year of beekeeping.

Remember to check that your bees have enough stores to get them through till Spring.

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Worcester Beekeepers was formed to help beekeepers in Worcester and encourage and support new beekeepers.

Throughout the year the branch has a number of apiary meetings which cover topical beekeeping subjects and, in the summer months, there are practical demonstrations at members’ apiaries. These meetings provide members with the opportunity to meet with other beekeepers and exchange ideas.

The British Beekeepers Association publishes a newsletter on a regular basis containing information about the Association’s events and items of topical interest. Worcester Beekeepers are affiliated to the BBKA and is able to communicate its views relating to beekeeping at a national level. Through this affiliation, members get third-party liability insurance.

If you are new to beekeeping or thinking of taking up this rewarding hobby then why not come along to one of our apiary meetings. We are a very friendly group with a common interest, and welcome the opportunity in showing you how enjoyable beekeeping is.

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A short guide to identifying honeybees, bumblebees, wasps/hornets and hoverflies.

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Sting Information

It is inevitable as a beekeeper or just being around bees that you will at sometime or another get stung!

Branch equipment

Please email Roy Round at villagebees@gmail.com to check availability or to reserve equipment.


Glossary of bee keeping terms for reference.