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A warm welcome to our beginners! The spring bank holiday weekend was an opportunity for our beginner beekeepers to complete our training course for this year. Five on-line theory session covered the essentials, giving our newcomers a good foundation for their beekeeping adventures.

Workers, drones, queens, hives, swarm control, pests and disease and much more, leading up to the conclusion of our delivery, two practical sessions at our apiary.

We look forward to seeing our new beekeepers again once they have bees in a box!

Our ‘training’ bees are working well, queens laying at a good rate and at last a nectar flow to keep them contented. Plans for this year include Bailey comb changes, bees for newcomers and some queen rearing once we have the colonies fully up to speed.

In the short term it seems that we will have to focus on keeping our colonies where they belong - swarms season is here!

Think like a bee!

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